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   ChIN Overview

    ChIN is a comprehensive web guide or directory of Internet chemical resources started in 1997 and is running as the Chemistry Portal, Chinese National Science Digital Library (CSDL) since 2002. ChIN aims at an authoritative daily tool to find current and quality chemical information on Internet for the chemical community in China and in globe scale. More than 10,000 web sites or pages carefully selected by ChIN team were indexed in ChIN and are accessible both in Chinese and English.
    ChIN has become a widely recognized chemical site in China. It has been recommended and linked by top research institutes, universities, scientific libraries and organizations in China such as the web site of Chinese Chemical Society, the Chemistry Division of NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) and the National Library of China.

Created by Xiaoxia Li on 2005-06-26
Last modified by Xiaolong Yuan on 2005-06-27
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