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【简介】 is the leading comprehensive category search engine for chemical and allied industry professionals. provides chemical and allied industry professionals an efficient tool for locating the information, products and services they need via the World Wide Web. We serve professionals engaged in every activity related to the chemical and allied industries from discovery through development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and application of products and services. provides users with highly targeted, easy-to-use search capabilities, utilizing advanced Internet technology. We have developed a team of industry experts who serve as editors to categorize and classify Web sites submitted for registration, while also editing registration descriptions to insure they are descriptive and relevant. In this way, our users are guaranteed appropriate results to their search queries. For particularly difficult searches, our editors provide advanced advice and guidance.

In addition to having expert editors creating a comprehensive, category-based search service, has developed an extensive classified advertising database that is independent but linked to the general chemical and allied industry database. As with the general search service, the classified advertising database is the first on the Web to incorporate targeted search features for the chemical and allied industries.

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