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     Acids & Bases - Strengths of Solutions: A table showing the strength of concentrated solutions of a few common acids and bases.

Buffers: A short list of the chemicals used in some of the most common buffer solutions.

Carcinogens: A list of known and suspected carcinogens.

CAS Numbers - Selected Chemicals: A list of CAS numbers for selected chemicals with links to safety data for many entries.

Chemical abbreviations: A list of common abbreviations for chemicals with links to the relevant safety (MSDS) data. [Since this web page has only just been started (November 2002), it will be some time before it has reached a useful size!]

Safety Data for Common Chemicals: This section provides links to data on a small number of chemicals commonly found in school chemistry or physics labs, some listed by their non-systematic (but frequently-used) names. [A much more extensive list of links to MSDS safety information follows here.]

Consumer and Industrial Products: Links to MSDS and other safety data for a number of consumer and industrial products such as food additives, non-prescription medicines, fuels, cleaners, etc.

Flash Point (Low) Chemicals: A list of some common organic liquids with low flash points, (below 32 C, as measured by the Closed Cup method).

Foreign-language databases: Links to chemical safety data in languages other than English.

IUPAC Assistant (French): Institut de recherche en sante et en securite du travail du Quebec
New Jersey Right to Know Program (MSDS data in Spanish)
North American Emergency Response Guidebook (Spanish)

Gases: Safety Information on Industrial and Scientific Gases
Data from the BOC group on industrial gases, in the form of downloadable pdf files.

Gas Cylinder Colour Codes: Some of the more recent UK colour codes for compressed gas cylinders.

Glossary: A brief glossary of terms related to the safety of chemicals.

Gloves, Chemically-resistant: A list of chemically resistant glove material suitable for working with a variety of inorganic and organic chemicals. Information is organized by glove material and by chemical.

Hazard codes (UN): A list of UN hazard codes is given in the glossary.

Common Highly Toxic Chemicals: A list of common chemicals which are known to be highly toxic.

Incompatible Chemicals: A list of materials which are incompatible with widely-used chemicals.

Interpreting MSDS Sheets: A brief guide to MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and how to interpret them.

Maximum Exposure Limits: A list of U.K. Maximum Exposure Limits for chemicals.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Information: contents approximately 15,400 entries and synonyms.

Peroxides: A list of chemicals which may form peroxides during storage.

Risk and Safety Phrases: Most MSDS sheets now contain codes such as R23 or R45 which correspond to certain "risk phrases", and S17 or S24, which correspond to certain "safety phrases". Meanings of these risk phrases as used in the EU are given here, and meanings of the safety phrases are given here.

Shock-sensitive Materials: A list of materials which, either on their own or in combination with reducing agents, may be shock or friction-sensitive.

Synonyms (chemical): A short list of synonyms for some chemical fragments.

Templates: A template for a standard sixteen-point MSDS sheet in Word 97 format

Teratogens: A list of known and suspected teratogens.

Toxicity Abbreviations: A key to the abbreviations used in the toxicity data given in the MSDS files for chemicals on this site.

Additional links

Further links to data sources containing information outside the scope of this site are shown below.
MSDS data for micro-organisms (Health Canada)
Pesticide profiles (Extoxnet)
Food defect action levels (Levels of food contaminants believed to present no risk to health, from the FDA)

  物理、化学数据源介绍(Indiana University)
  牛津大学的虚拟化学站点: Virtual Chemistry, University of Oxford
  Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University (牛津大学物理与理论化学实验室PTCL)

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