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Pattern Pod (伦敦科学博物馆互动式图库)


     Science Museum at london is the world's leading centre for the presentation of contemporary science and technology. On its web, Pattern Pod is the Science Museum's newest hands-on gallery, designed especially for children from 5-8 years old, and their parents. Using multi-sensory exhibits, Pattern Pod introduces children to the attractive patterns used and studied by today's scientists.

Like scientists, children explore the world, trying to predict what will happen next. In Pattern Pod, children can enjoy practising skills like recognising, copying and creating patterns - a good foundation for scientific thinking.

Adults will love Pattern Pod, too. Mini-screen displays in the gallery give the science behind the exhibits and help you understand more about how your children play and learn.


call +44 (0)870 870

Summary by 何莉 on 2004-02-11

Last updated by 何莉 on 2004-02-11

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