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Organic Syntheses(有机合成手册), John Wiley & Sons


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     Organic Syntheses presents to the organic chemistry community detailed experimental methods in a standard format for the synthesis of organic compounds. In some 77 annual volumes and 9 collective volumes published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc, OS compiles independently checked selected procedures and new reactions which, if carefully followed, permit the advanced research student or professional chemist skilled in the field to prepare compounds of research utility. Initiated in 1921 by Roger Adams of the University of Illinois, OS now joins the digital era by providing its content on a website freely available to all chemists.

The OS Board of Directors have financed collaborations with DataTrace and CambridgeSoft, respectively, to digitize earlier, current and future volumes and create a Web collective version of Organic Syntheses in a fully searchable electronic format.

Note: ChemDraw Plugin is required for structure searching of the database.

Org.Synth. is an annual serial publication (CODEN: ORSYAT) listet by CAS as a core journal (see: for CAplus.

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