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Thermo-Calc Software (热力学计算、合金体系扩散控制计算)


     The mission of Thermo-Calc Software is to deliver the best software, databases and services for technical calculations involving thermodynamics or diffusion.

The company was founded in 1997 as an offspring from the department of Materials Science and Engineering at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. The aim was to further market and develop the Software for Computational Thermodynamics and for Diffusion Controlled Simulations, which had been developed at the department for more than 15 years.

     TCC - Thermo-Calc Classic
Thermo-Calc features a number of models, making it possible to perform calculations on most problems involving thermodynamics.

DICTRA - Diffusion Software
DICTRA - is the software for simulation of DIffusion Controlled TRAnsformations in multicomponent systems.

Thermo-Calc Software
Stockholm Technology Park
Bjornnasvagen 21
SE-113 47 Stockholm
Tel: (+46) 8 545 95930
Fax: (+46) 8 673 3718

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