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Drug Discovery Online


     The Drug Discovery Online is a marketplace for professionals in the drug discovery technology industry.

Drug Discovery Online covers drug discovery like no other Internet site. Each day they present the most interesting, useful feature stories, case studies, industry news, and newswire feeds related to the science and business of discovering new drugs. Throughout the year Drug Discovery Online presents news and opinions on the latest discovery technology, from organic synthesis and the manual isolation of new compounds from exotic plants, to combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening.

But Drug Discovery Online is more than an online trade publication. Like other VerticalNet sites, Drug Discovery Online is a true Internet community. Scientists, executives, and equipment suppliers visit Drug Discovery Online each day to check for news, look for jobs, learn about new products, find out what their competitors are up to, and participate in their discussion forums. Those who don't have time to visit Drug Discovery Online each day can subscribe to their free newsletter, which is e-mailed directly to your desktop every week.

In addition to being the premier Internet site for information on drug discovery, Drug Discovery Online is also the best place to shop for laboratory equipment and technical books.


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