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AQUASOL dATAbASE of Aqueous Solubility (水溶液溶解度数据)


     Samuel H. Yalkowsky

     The sixth edition of the AQUASOL dATAbASE of Aqueous Solubility contains almost twenty thousand solubility records for almost six thousand compounds. These data were extracted from over eighteen hundred scientific references. They include solubility data for a very wide variety of compounds, including many pharmaceuticals, pollutants, nutrients, herbicides, pesticides, agricultural, industrial, and energy related compounds.
Each compound is identified by empirical formula, name, synonyms, Chemical Abstracts Registry Number, molecular weight, boiling point, and melting point if available.

Each solubility record contains both the temperature and solubility and their respective units as reported in the original reference, the solubility converted to moles (and grams) per liter, a citation code, a five point evaluation of the quality of the reporting of the data, and a comment field. Multiple entries will be given when available.

The compounds are completely searchable buy several criteria, including formula, name, CAS registry number and compund characteristics. All references are a complete citation. The format will be similar to that shown below. All references are given a complete citation.

The AQUASOL dATAbASE of Aqueous Solubility will be updated continuously, with about one thousand new solubility records being added each year.

     The AQUASOL dATAbASE is accessed through any table and forms capable web browser, and is available via an annual subscription.

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