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     From: "Preslar, Gail"

Once we had access to the PLASPEC service for physical property data for
The PLASPEC database still exists on services like Dialog/STN.

I am looking for an "end-user product" (preferably web-based) similiar to
It would be great if you know of a free service that offers this.
However, I want fee-based/subscription services as well.

The kind of question that the end-user might want to answer is
who makes/sells clear ABS?
The answer would give the end-user not only the list of manufacturers, but
also the various properties (physical, etc.) as well.

Ideally the service would cover plastics/polymers on an international basis.

If you know of such a service, please send me any contact names for
obtaining access.

M. Gail Preslar (
B280 Lincoln Street
Business Library
Eastman Chemical Co.
Kingsport, TN 37662-5280
voice: 423-229-6117 fax: 423-224-0111

     From: "Mildred R. Green PhD"

We may have a partial answer to your query. Polymer Design Tools is a
program that includes a database of over 60 properties for more than 600
polymers. The properties of polymers not found in the database can be
estimated. The estimation methods apply to homopolymers, alternating
copolymers and random copolymers. Properties of copolymers with up to 9
monomers can be calculated.

This end user program can be installed on PCs running Windows. There is a
one-time fee of $6000. It does not list manufacturers or trade names. I
will be pleased to provide any further information about Polymer Design
Tools you may require.

Mildred Green
Technical Database Services, Inc (TDS) EMAIL:
Phone: 212 245 0044
FAX: 212 247 0587 WEBSITE:

From: Katherine Porter (Vanderbilt University)

How about answering to the list. I'd be interesting in knowing about
such a file as well. I used PLASPEC working with a polymer
engineering class while I was at Duke and liked it a lot. We don't
use DIALOG here because of low use and the access fee so I'd
love to know about alternatives.

  DTW Associates, Inc.(高分子物性及相关软件)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2000-10-17

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