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SciFinder 2001为生物技术、药物发现提供新的工具(2001-08-28)

August 26, 2001

Columbus, OH, August 26, 2001 - In its new SciFinder 2001 release, the award-winning SciFinder desktop research tool breaks new ground for the exploration of multidisciplinary scientific information. Researchers in biotechnology can explore literature in their subject area more easily using the BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) algorithm, incorporated into SciFinder. At the same time, SciFinder 2001 introduces additional substance
information and a variety of new and improved features for drug discovery and keeping scientists up to date with newly published information specific to their interests. The new features, planned for October, were announced by CAS during the American Chemical Society national meeting held this week in Chicago.

With the addition of BLAST capability, SciFinder will enable scientists to explore publicly disclosed DNA or protein sequences. Using this new feature in tandem with multidisciplinary databases from CAS and MEDLINE, researchers can move directly from identifying a sequence similar to a queried sequence to viewing associated published research and patents.

Citation searching will be available in SciFinder; for a document or set of documents identified through SciFinder, researchers will be able to view either the references cited in those documents (cited documents) or identify the sources that cite the documents in the answer set (citing documents);

In cooperation with Spotfire, Inc., CAS will couple SciFinder's advanced chemical substance Explore capabilities with Spotfire DecisionSite's interactive visualization and information analysis tools, giving customers of both services new avenues for drug discovery.

  Chemical Abstracts Service (美国化学文摘社CAS)
  Spotfire(决策支持软件Spotfire DecisionSite)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2001-08-28

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