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The Risk Assessment Information System (化合物毒性评估)



     Risk Assessment Information System (RAIS) Technical Contact
Fred Dolislager*
University of Tennessee
1060 Commerce Park Drive, MS 6480
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Phone: (865) 482-5304

     The RAIS contains Risk Assessment Tools and Information. The Risk Assessment Tools include: Risk-Based Preliminary Remediation Goal (PRG) calculations, a Toxicity data base, Risk Calculations, and Ecological Benchmarks. The Tools are designed for use at all DOE sites and can be customized for site-specific conditions. The RAIS also includes information, guidance, and risk results applicable to the Oak Ridge Reservation.

The database of chemical-specific toxicity values contains the human health toxicological information needed to perform risk evaluations and assessments. This database contains information taken from the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS ), the Health Effects Assessment Summary Tables (HEAST-rad HEAST-nonrad), EPA Provisional Peer Reviewed Toxicity Values (PPRTVs) Database, and other information sources. In this database, all information is referenced. Additionally, the database contains supplemental information which clarifies some issues.

Data include:

Toxicity Values
Toxicity Metadata
Toxicity Profiles
Chemical Factors
PRGs Risk Models
Ecological Benchmarks
ARARs Background Values

The information on the RAIS can be used for teaching material and performing risk assessments that comply with EPA guidance.

The toxicity values are reviewed monthly and manually updated when IRIS and HEAST release new values.

     All users should note that the toxicity values contained in this database were developed for use in risk evaluations and assessments utilizing methods presented in Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund: Volume I - Human Health Evaluation Manual (RAGS). Individuals intending to use these values with methods not consistent with RAGS should consult with risk assessment professionals, including those at their regulatory agencies and at the Center for Risk Excellence.

  IRIS, EPA (对人体有害物质信息库)
  International Toxicity Estimates for Risk (ITER, 化学品毒性评估数据)

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