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Comparing Paper and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks


【作者】  Rich Lysakowski, Ph.D.

【出版日期】  1997

     Recordkeeping is a key activity for all types of laboratories. Records of inventions are the basis of patents and intellectual property worldwide, and in turn, of all modern economic systems. Laboratory records also document details of product manufacturing, for purposes of quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and consumer protection. Any systems designed to replace paper recordkeeping systems must cover all the basic functions of paper systems well and improve on them in significant ways. In our drive to create the Collaborative Electronic Notebooks Consortium, we did extensive research on both paper and electronic notebooks to uncover the myriad ways in which these electronic systems benefit researchers [1, 2].


  Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association (CENSA) (实验记录计算机系统)
  CENSA Links (实验室/科技相关平台工具等资源)

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