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Combinatorial Chemistry - an Online Journal


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     The technique of combinatorial chemistry has become a permanent feature on the landscape of chemistry. The widespread adoption of library synthesis results from this invention successfully meeting chemists' needs for increased productivity, irrespective of whether their focus is drug discovery, supramolecular chemistry, immunology or one of the myriad other uses for this diverse and innovative technology.

To allow for the rapid communication and dissemination of new ideas and techniques, the Tetrahedron journals between them have always enthusiastically published many original and influential combinatorial chemistry papers. Over the last two years, to make readers more aware of these papers, one of us (NKT) has regularly summarised the new papers as a section within Tetrahedron Alert. Now, in order to extend the service provided by Tetrahedron Alert all of the relevant combinatorial papers are gathered together electronically to form a new service: Combinatorial Chemistry - an Online Journal.

Prof. Jack Baldwin, FRS Oxford
Dr. Nick Terrett, Sandwich

     Free Abstract, 1998 - (Vol.1-)
Free Fulltext, 1998 - (Vol.1-)

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Summary by Hongwei Yang on 03-22-2001

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