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奇异的物质世界 (Strange Matter)


     'Strange Matter' is a dynamic and interactive website that accompanies a travelling interactive exhibit, of the same name, designed for 5th–8th graders to explore the world of materials science.

The exhibit has been developed by the Materials research Society, the National Science Foundation and the Ontario Science Centre.

It opened at the Ontario Science Centre on 28 June 2003 where it will run until 4 January 2004. From February 2004, the exhibit will begin a three-year tour to major science centres and museums in North America.
The exhibit enables visitors "to explore, examine and experiment with materials that are in use today and some that are just being developed." The website also provides an entertaining and educational insight into materials science for online visitors.

The site is divided into sections that deal with structure, processing, properties and performance of materials.

  材料研究学会 (MRS, Materials Research Society)

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