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Serena Software


     Serena Software
Box 3076
Bloomington, IN 47402-3076

Tel: (812)-333-0823
Fax: (812)-332-0877

     PCMODEL: Basic Molecular Modeling with powerful yet flexible builder and best small molecule force field available.

GMMX: Conformational searching in both dihedral and cartesian space using the MMX force field.

Mopac: Defacto standard semi-empirical quantum chemistry program.

Orbdraw: Visualize orbitals and electron density for Mopac, Ampac, Gaussian and PSGVB.

Vibrate: Visualize normal vibrational modes from Mopac, Ampac, Gaussian, Hondo and PSGVB calculation.

     PCMODEL version 7 released for Windows NT/95/98, MacOS and Linux

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