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EPA spectral database



     EPA Spectra

EPA Reference Absorbance Spectra
The Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) was published in November 1990. Title III of the Clean Air Act includes a list of 189 hazardous air pollutants (HAPS) for which test methods must be established. An extractive stack sampling method, using FTIR, has been developed for measuring HAPS. As one of the initial tasks in the project development, reference spectra were developed for as many of the HAPS as possible. Attached is a table which contains the quantitative reference spectral library as of June 1993. The table includes several columns of information for each file. The pathlength is the pathlength of the sample cell used to record that particular spectrum. The TEMP column is the temperature at which the compound was measured. Spectra were recorded for each compound at for at lease two different concentrations when possible. Duplicate spectra were recorded for every concentration for quality assurance purposes. The ASC column is the accepted standard concentration which was assigned b y the chemical standard. The ASC values should be used for data analysis. Duplicate samples were obtained for each concentration. These spectra were developed following the Protocol for Extrative FTIR for Analysis of Gas Emissions . Refer to the FTIR TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Report for additional information regarding the these spectra.

EPA Reference Spectra Interferograms
Listed are the interferograms from which the EPA Reference Absorbance Spectra were created. Single beam spectra can be created from these interferograms by using the FTPROC program avalible on this site. The Background Interferograms are those interferograms recorded while the absorption cell was evacuated. The Data Interferograms are those interferograms recorded with the analyte present in the absorption cell. The CTS Interferograms are those associated with the recording of the absorption of the Calibration Transfer Standard gas. For more information on the recording of the interferograms please see the report FTIR TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT. The file naming convention used on the interferograms is the same used on the EPA Refernce Absorbance Spectra.

AEDC Calculated Spectra
AEDC Measured Spectra

AEDC/EPA spectral database was made available through the cooperation of the Environmental Protection Agency Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (EPA/OAQPS) and the US Air Force. This database was established as a means of archiving and dissemination of spectra and spectroscopic data of species of interest to the pollution monitoring and gas diagnostics community.

Other EPA Spectral Data
Additional Measured Spectra


  Spectra Online,Galactic (红外谱图)
  AEDC/EPA谱图库转换程序 (2002-08-14)

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