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化学历史上的今天 (化学历史日历)


     On the web, a calendar about chemistry history is provided. the event happenned in this Week in the History of Chemistry is presented and the user can search by date.

The author, Carmen Giunta, mainly refer to the following sources for the calendar, Milestones in Chemistry Calendar, Copyright ? 1996, remains the principal source of information; however, I have checked (and in some cases corrected) its birth dates. Chemical and Engineering News "Top 75" (75th anniversary issue, 1/12/98) and Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists edited by John Daintith et al. (Institute of Physics, 2nd ed, 1994) are other important sources. Women in Chemistry and Physics : a Biobibliographic Sourcebook, edited by Louise S. Grinstein, Rose K. Rose, and Miriam H. Rafailovich and Notable Women in the Physical Sciences edited by Benjamin F. and Barbara S. Shearer (both published by Greenwood Publishing) have helped me to add several women to the calendar. The Illustrated Almanac of Science, Technology, and Invention by Raymond L. Francis is the source of several new entries.
Dates are given according to the Gregorian calendar to the extent I could find them.


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