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Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology (Second Edition)


【作者】James Swarbrick and James C. Boylan

【版本】Second Edition

【出版者】Marcel Dekker, Inc.



【介质】Hard Cover


     The need for a comprehensive, authoritative, contemporary and relevant collection of articles detailing that area of the pharmaceutical sciences embraced by the term "pharmaceutical technology" has been amply confirmed by the success of the 1st edition of the Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology.

With the first volume published in 1988 and the last in 2000, this 20 volume set contained over 300 articles covering a wide range of topics described on over 9000 pages of text, illustrations, tables, references, and indices.

As with the 1st Edition, the new, 2nd Edition is focused on a list of topics relevant to the discovery, development, regulation, manufacture, and commercialization of drugs and dosage forms. Consistent with the phrase "pharmaceutical technology," it emphasizes contributions in such areas as pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, analytical chemistry, quality assurance, drug safety, and the manufacturing process. It is not focused on the discussion of the chemical and/or pharmacological profiles of individual drugs or classes of drugs.

The aim of the Second Edition is to essentially match the breadth of coverage found in the First Edition but with the approximately 300 topics having a more consistent format and style. At the same time, the number of volumes is being reduced to three, each of approximately 1000 pages, which will be published simultaneously.

All First Edition entries selected for inclusion in the Second Edition will be updated. New topics will be included, and some topics will be reorganized from multiple headings in the First Edition to single entries in the Second Edition, and vice versa, to reflect the current significance of a particular area. As before, the authors will be recognized experts in their respective fields of activity.

An online version of the Encyclopedia, (a.k.a. EPT Online), will be created by coupling the content of the print edition with a powerful search engine, user-friendly interface, and customer-focused features. The database that is EPT Online will be dynamic, with a number of articles added each quarter. Users will be able to browse the Table of Contents and search the full text in query-based and menu-driven modes. Search features will be designed to ensure the return of a limited number of useful search results quickly.

EPT Online will be marketed as a subscription product updated quarterly. Special discounts will be offered for individuals or institutions purchasing both the print and online versions in the first year of publication. Purchase of the print Encyclopedia will not be a prerequisite for purchase of ECP Online.

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Online ISBN: 0-8247-2820-3

中国家图书馆书号: 000812422
Encyclopedia of pharmaceutical technology, Volume 2, monograph

  Marcel Dekker, Inc.

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