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ChemSage (无机物相图计算)


【作者】 Dr. Gunnar Eriksson and co-workers


【用途】 ChemSage is a direct descendant of the widely used SOLGASMIX Gibbs energy minimiser program developed by Dr. Gunnar Eriksson nearly 30 years ago. ChemSage was first released in 1987 and represented a significant development of the original program.

ChemSage modules permit:

calculation of thermodynamic properties of single solution and stoichiometric condensed phases with respect to a chosen reference state

calculation of the chemical equilibrium state of a system that is defined with regard to temperature, pressure or volume, and total amounts and/or equilibrium activities of any phase constituent in the system

calculation of temperatures when precipitates are formed from the liquid, of adiabatic temperatures, etc.

simulation of a multi-stage reactor by defining energy and material flows between stages

optimisation of thermochemical data based on experimental information

results to be saved as plot-files, displayed and printed graphically, or exported to other applications.


     ChemSage-DEMO consists of a disk and an accompanying handbook.

  无机物热力学数据计算(F*A*C*T/FACT, FactSage)
  DataGuide Online: 检索ChemSage热化学数据库的物质/混合物体系
  THERIAK-DOMINO (平衡态及相图计算)
  Materials Science International Services (材料性质及相图)

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