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Galactic, Thermo Electron Corporation (谱图数据处理软件)


     Galactic Industries Corporation, the spectroscopy software solutions company, was incorporated in March of 1986 to design, develop, and supply data acquisition and processing software for the spectroscopy field. Galactic software is powerful and economical, and runs on IBM compatible PC's. Scientists working in fields such as UV, UV-VIS, IR, FT-IR, NIR, NMR, LC, GC, HPLC depend on Thermo Galactic products to acquire, process, analyze, and manage their data.

     GRAMS/32 the spectroscopy software suite for data importing, processing, and managing;

GRAMS/3D a real-time, interactive 3D visualization tool;

PLSplus/IQ the spectroscopy chemometrics package for building qualitative and quantitative methods; and

Spectral ID a multi-vendor spectral searching package.

     In 1986 Thermo Galactic published the SPC file format designed especially for handling spectral and chromatographic data.

Many instrument vendors and software developers have adopted the Thermo Galactic SPC file format for data storage and it is a recognized format in ChemMIME standards for interchange of chemical data on the Internet.

Today Thermo Galactic is publishing yet another open standard. My Instrument is a specification for developing 32-bit instrument control and data acquisition software for all types of laboratory analytical instrumentation.

  Spectra Online,Galactic (红外谱图)
  Chemometrics Companies (化学计量学公司)
  Galactic国内代理: Titan Electro-Optics Co., Ltd.
  傅里叶变换红外光谱仪FTIR、拉曼光谱检索 (
  Thermo Galactic' Chemometric Solutions

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