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FBI FT-IR Fibers Library (Spectrochimica Acta)


     This data is a collection of FT-IR spectra of fibers. These spectra were measured as part of an FBI project to determine the usefulness of FT-IR spectral library searching algorithms for identification of fibers. The results and discussion were published (Spectrochimica Acta, V.46, p.1513, 1991) in a paper titled "Spectral Data Base for the Identification of Fibers by Infrared Microscopy" by Mary W. Tungol, Edward G. Bartick, and Akbar Montaser of the FBI Academy, Forensic Science Research and Training Center, Quantico, VA 22135 (E.G.B.) and of the Department of Chemistry, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. 20052 U.S.A. (M.W.T. and A.M.). This data was downloaded from the Spectrochimica Acta Electronica download area on Elsevier Science publications home page which is no longer available.

The original data files were provided in JCAMP format and were translated into Galactic SPC format using Galactic's GRAMS/32 software.

Partial Abstract
The work deals with infrared spectra of single synthetic fibers, which were obtained rapidly and with minimal sample preparation by infrared (IR) microscopy. An IR spectral library of 53 polymer fibers was constructed. The IR spectra are included in the Joint Committee on Atomic and Molecular Physical Data (JCAMP-DX) format. The chemical subclass of unknown fibers, with the exception of nylons, could be identified in the first two selections by a computer search using an absolute derivative search algorithm. The data presented in this paper are the extended version of the results reported earlier in Appl. Spectrosc. 44, 543 (1990).

The data files and the hardcopy text, in their totality published as a paper in Spectrochimica Acta Electronica, were produced with United States Government funds. Readers of Spectrochimica Acta Electronica are permitted by the Publisher, Pergamon Press, to make a copy of the material [on the diskette] for their own private, non-commercial use, according to the instructions provided by the authors. No charge for any copies may be requested, neither may the data or any modified version of it be sold or used for commercial purposes.

If a modified version of the present database is brought into the public domain, the original author(s) and the journal reference should be clearly stated in all subsequent use and dissemination.

Neither the authors, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, nor the Publisher warrant that the data are free from defects, that they operate as designed, or that the documentation is accurate.

Neither the authors, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, nor the Publisher are liable for any damage of whatever kind sustained through copying the diskette(s) and/or using the data files.

By copying and/or using the data the reader of Spectrochimica Acta Electronica, acting as a user of an electronic publication published therein, agrees to the above terms and conditions.

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