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Chemical Society of Peru (Sociedad Qummica del Peru)


     Chemical Society of Peru is a scientific institution without aims of profit, founded in 1933 and that groups to all the professionals related to chemistry:
Chemist, Chemical Engineers, Chemical Phamacists, Biologists, Biochemists, Doctors, among other professionals who according to their area of interest are grouped in the Academic Divisions:
Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry of Foods, Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Education, PhysicalChemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry of Natural Products and Toxicology and Environmental Chemistry.

The aims of the Chemical Society of Peru are:
a) To promote the knowledge and development of Chemistry, as much in its basic aspects as of application, giving preference to the ones of national importance; this work will be carried out organizing conferences, courses, days and congresses by means of any other procedure of spreading and diffusion;
b) To spread to the knowledge and advances of chemical science by means of a publicity device that has profuse diffusion between its superior partners and teaching institutions, deprived dependencies of the State and companies, related to the matter;
c) To establish a Center of Documentation on Pure and Applied Chemistry;
d) To lend its collaboration to the educational, public and deprived organizations, for the overcoming of the education of chemical science in its different levels;
e) To lend its consultant's office for the development of the scientific and technical institutions;
f) To lend its consultant's office to the private company;
g) To foment the scientific investigation and to create prizes of stimulus for the best works of chemical character; and
h) To participate in the congresses and national and international meetings, related to this science.

Chemical Society of Peru (Sociedad Qummica del Peru)
Av. Nicolas de Araníbar 696
Santa Beatriz Lima 1
Post-office box: 14-0576 Lima 14 Peru
Telephone: (51-1) - 472-3925
Telefax: (51-1) - 265-9049

Summary by Hongwei Yang on 01-22-2002

Last updated by Hongwei Yang on 01-22-2002

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