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Thomson– Brooks/Cole


     Thomson– Brooks/Cole: Publishing for Mathematics and the Sciences

California companies possess an exuberant, pioneering spirit and Brooks/Cole is no different. Born and bred in the Golden State, Brooks/Cole was founded in 1966 by Terry Hendrix and Jack Thornton as a publisher of psychology and mathematics texts. In 1971, with a burgeoning staff of eleven and a cat named Typo, the nascent publisher moved into its own "garage," a small office above a Monterey shoe repair shop. Now nestled in the coastal forest of Pacific Grove, the past 35 years have seen Brooks/Cole mature into a leading publisher in mathematics and the sciences.

In 1978, Brooks/Cole became part of the Thomson family of companies. While maintaining the focus on the individual authors and individual customers that had contributed so substantially to its success, Brooks/Cole was now backed by the resources of a much larger, international company—a move that would fortify its ability to compete and succeed in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Leveraging those resources has enabled Brooks/Cole to publish innovative products in print and electronic formats to meet the demands of today’s higher education customer.

In 1971, Alexander Kugushev and Robert J. Gormely founded Duxbury Press in North Scituate, Massachusetts, to publish exclusively in the fields of statistics and quantitative methods. Taking an innovative approach from the beginning, the upstart Duxbury built its success on the precept that statistics is a distinct field, not merely a method for analyzing information in other disciplines. That focus and drive has provided Duxbury with deeper insights into the teaching and learning challenges their customers face, as well as a knack for developing the most effective solutions to address them. This small company quickly came to dominate the publishing landscape in statistics and quantitative methods.

In 1978, Duxbury became part of the Thomson family of companies. From humble beginnings in the cradle of the nation to its current status as a market-leading provider of innovative, high-quality texts and other learning tools for statistics and quantitative methods, Duxbury has developed a history rich in tradition and innovation.

Brooks/Cole has not wavered in its commitment to provide quality teaching and learning solutions that meet and anticipate the needs of its customers. Committed today to providing leading-edge technology advantages for Publishing Consultants, professors, and students, Brooks/Cole has led the way with teaching resources. Brooks/Cole Assessment (powerful testing, tutorial, and class management software for mathematics and statistics), OWL: Online Web-Based Learning (testing, tutorial, and class management for chemistry), JMP IN (statistical analysis and software) and WebTutor on WebCT and Blackboard (an online study, course management, and communication tool linked chapter-by-chapter to key texts) are just some of the innovative teaching and learning tools Brooks/Cole provides. The vision to give their customers (instructors, students, and lifelong learners) what they need to be successful is a philosophy that the senior management team lives every day.

PHONE: (800) 354-9706
FAX: (800) 487-8488

Thomson Learning - Customer Service
PO Box 6904
Florence, KY 41022-6904

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