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     The elementary properties of dislocations (the linear defects that carry plastic deformation in crystalline solids) are illustrated by snapshots realized from a 3-D dislocation dynamics (DD) simulation developed at the LEM (CNRS/ONERA) by Benoit Devincre, Ronan Madec and Ladislas Kubin.

This page was first created in January 1997 by Benoit Devincre as a tutorial tool for illustrating the theory of dislocations and plasticy in metals and alloys. New movies and illustrative results are periodically added to "the dislocation Gallery".

Demonstration of dislocation properties involves such topics:
The Frank-Read source.
Dislocation spiral (single-ended) source
Dynamics of two interacting Frank-Read sources.
Dislocation dipole.
Dislocations annihilation by cross-slip.
The double cross-slip.
The dislocation reaction.
The "forest" hardening.
Formation of dislocation debris.
Complete 3-D dislocation dynamics.

Summary by 何莉 on 2004-02-02

Last updated by 何莉 on 2004-02-03

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