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穆斯堡尔效应参考数据库 (Mossbauer Effect Reference Database)


     Currently the Mossbauer Effect Reference Database contains the data from the Mossbauer Effect Data and Reference Journal up to and including Volume 24 No. 6. (last update April 2002)

University of North Carolina

     The Mossbauer Effect Reference Database is a machine-readable version of the bibliographical information published in the Mossbauer Effect Reference And Data Journal. The journal is published ten times a year by the Mossbauer Effect Data Centre, at the University of North Carolina. The Mossbauer Effect Data Centre also maintains and distributes the machine-readable data.

The data comprises journal and book references relating to Mossbauer spectroscopy research since 1958. Each reference contains standard bibliographical information, together with details of the data and results relating to the experiments described in the reference.

To access the Mossbauer Effect Reference Database, you will need to register (see menu, left) and then login to Irwell via telnet.

     Manchester Computing receives the data from the Mossbauer Effect Data Centre in 2 or 3 batches per annum. After some pre-processing to get it into an appropriate format, the data is loaded into a free-text database managed by the software BRS/Search.

Termination of the Mossbauer Effect Reference Database Service

Please note that the Mossbauer Effect Reference Database will not be available from MIMAS after July 2003. Registrations for the use of the MERD at MIMAS will not be accepted after December 2002.

Summary by 夏诏杰 on 2003-07-28

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