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Eigenvector Research, Inc.,


     Eigenvector Research was founded by Barry M. Wise and Neal B. Gallagher. Both co-founders hold doctorates in chemical engineering and have broad experience modeling chemical systems using both theoretical and empirical approaches. Eigenvector Research is prepared to apply modern multivariate statistical methods to your data while keeping a firm grasp of the underlying chemical aspects of the system.

Eigenvector Research, Inc.,
830 Wapato Lake Road, Manson, WA 98831
B.M. Wise,, Phone: 509.687.2022, Fax: 509.687.7033
N.B. Gallagher,, Phone: 509.687.1039, Fax: 509.687.2033

     PLS_Toolbox: a collection of essential and advanced chemometric routines that work within the MATLAB computational environment. Originally released in 1991, the PLS_Toolbox includes over 100 functions that may be applied in a wide variety of technical areas.

  Chemometrics Companies (化学计量学公司)
  The MathWorks (MATLAB, technical computing software)

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