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NetSci科学研究中心:组合化学 (精选文章集)


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     On the web, Network Science Corporation gives a collection of selected articles, most of which describe the important role and challenge of Combinatorial Chemistry in the future.

The articles' titles are as following:
The Chemical Generation of Molecular Diversity.
Combinatorial Chemistry: A Strategy for the Future - MDL Information Systems discusses the role its Project Library plays in managing diversity libraries
Solid Support Combinatorial Chemistry in Lead Discovery and SAR Optimization
Non-Peptidic Bradykinin Receptor Antagonists From a Structurally Directed Non-Peptide Library.
Combinatorial Chemistry Library Design using Pharmacophore Diversity
A Database System for Combinatorial Synthesis Experiments
An Information Management Architecture for Combinatorial Chemistry
Novel Software Tools for Addressing Chemical Diversity
Opportunities for Computational Chemists Afforded by the New Strategies in Drug Discovery: An Opinion
Combinatorial Chemistry and Molecular Diversity Course at the University of Louisville: A Description
Chemically Generated Screening Libraries: Present and Future
Chemical Strategies For Introducing Carbohydrate Molecular Diversity Into The Drug Discovery Process..
Data Management for Combinatorial Chemistry
The Impact of High Throughput Organic Synthesis on R&D in Bio-Based Industries


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Network Science Corporation

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