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美国密歇根州立大学农药培训部 (农药知识、管理与使用技术等)


     The responsibility of the MSU Pesticide Education Program is to provide pesticide education materials and information to trainers, applicators, regulators, extension staff, and researchers.

The overall focus of the Pesticide Education Program is to help people:

Use pesticides only when needed;
Apply pesticides safely;
Understand and comply with pesticide-related laws and regulations;
Recognize and understand the potential impacts of pesticide use, including impacts on human health, non-target organisms, and the environment.

Pesticide Education Program develops many resources for a wide audience, including manuals, bulletins, brochures, posters, slide sets, and a bimonthly newsletter for Extension and Department of Ag staff.

Staff Dr. Chris DiFonzo, Co-Coordinator
Oversee Pesticide Education Program.
Food Quality Protection Act issues and education.
Teach ENT 477, Pesticides in Management Systems.
Also serves as the Field Crops Entomologist at MSU.
Areas of Expertise:
Entomology, Food Quality Protection Act, Insect vectored diseases, IPM.

Dr. Carolyn Randall, Co-Coordinator
Oversee Pesticide Safety Educaton Program.
Develop and revise Pesticide Applicator Training manuals and maintain inventory.
Assist MDA with certification exams and programs.
Organize and assist Pesticide Education-related programs.
Areas of Expertise:
Forest/plant pathology, technical writing, urban forestry

B18 Food Safety & Toxicology Bldg.
Michigan State University
E.Lansing, MI 48824
(517) 432-2203
(517) 353-4995 fax

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