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Gmelin库的进展 (2000-10-27)

     Dear CrossFire Gmelin Users,

I thought I would take the chance to keep you posted on the current
developments since our agreement in Jan of this year.

-We have recently shipped update number GM0003
-No of Gmelin compounds: 1.388.923
-No of citations: 939.047

We are on schedule to complete the back file by 2003 while still
maintaining the current indexing period.

We expect to add 250,000 compounds a year, which will double Gmelin in size
within a four year period.

New features implemented in CrossFire 2000 should really enhance ease of
use with Gmelin searches.

One feature which should be looked at is EDS, our easy data searching
feature that pre-defines query forms covering the factual content of Gmelin
and allows New Users with no prior knowledge of Gmelin to quickly generate
a query without having to go into the fact editor (which is still an option
for more experienced users). These EDS forms are not hard coded and
therefore can be adapted to suit specific user needs.

Please feel free to give me direct feedback on
concerning CrossFire Gmelin, CrossFire Beilstein or AutoNom

Michael Rai

Product Manager Databases
MDL Information Systems GmbH

  Gmelin的电子产品 (Crossfire Gmelin)
  CrossFire Gmelin系统与印刷版Gmelin手册的差异

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2000-10-27

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2000-10-27

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