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Dictionary of Terpenoids (萜类化合物字典)


【作者】Connolly, J.D., Hill, R.A., University of Glasgow

【出版者】CRC Press, London - UK


【价格】£ 853.00


     A reference work on terpenoids in three volumes, covering monoterpenoids, sesquiterpenoids, diterpenoids and higher terpenoids. It also comprises indexes of names, molecular formulae, CAS Registry Numbers and species.

Terpenoids are an important class of natural products which exhibit an exceptionally wide range of structures. They are extremely widespread in nature and are important in the food and pharmaceutical industries and in botanical and taxonomic research. This "Dictionary of Terpenoids" is a useful reference for all those working in these fields
The structures, bibliographies and physical properties of over 20,000 terpenoids are presented in 9,000 entries - represent the vast majority of all known natural terpenoids together with the most important semisynthetic terpenoids. The bibliographic and occurrence data is comprehensive for rare terpenoids and extensive for the common terpenoids. The coverage includes biosynthetic nor-, homo- and other modified terpenoids; also documented are closely related synthetic compounds of importance in the perfumery and flavouring industries.

The data has been derived from the current literature (to 1991). The contents of the "Dictionary" are founded on the "Dictionary of Organic Compounds" with the addition of many new compounds. Every entry has been re-edited and enhanced by standardization of structures, nomenclature and data and by the addition of very large amounts of material.

The entries are organized according to the structural class of terpenoid in approximately 350 groups, in order of increasing complexity, and within each category bringing together closely related substances within the same entry to allow a rapid overview, and allowing ready comparisons and generalizations to be made.

Data in each entry includes accurately drawn structure diagrams, biological and physical properties and stereoisomers and derivatives. An labelled bibliography leads the user to the primary literature. Data is indexed by Name, Molecular Formula, Species and CAS Registry Number. The Species Index is particularly useful in allowing immediate access to the contents by the biological route. All indexes are computer-generated and are free of indexing errors.

Table of Contents

Description of main terpenoid types

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