ChIN简介页:工程索引EI将在2003年年底全部电子化(1884 -1969) (11-24-2003)
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工程索引EI将在2003年年底全部电子化(1884 -1969) (11-24-2003)


     HOBOKEN, N.J., 15 September 2003 - Engineering Information (, a division of Elsevier (, has announced the forthcoming availability of the Engineering Index Backfile. As of December 2003, the backfile will be available exclusively via the Engineering Village 2 ( platform.

Backfile subscribers will have desktop access to a breadth and depth of engineering literature coverage never before available to aid in their research. The Engineering Index has been the premiere information source abstracting and indexing engineering literature for over a century and forms the foundation of Compendex the world's most widely accepted bibliographic database covering the engineering field. Each volume of the Engineering Index, dating from 1884 through 1969, will be digitized to comprise the complete backfile.

The Engineering Index Backfile contains close to 2 million records and references major engineering innovations pioneered throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Citations for articles on the first internal combustion engine, the foundations of aviation, telecommunications and computing are among the advances contained within the backfile.

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Summary by 李晓霞 on 2003-11-24

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