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美国哥伦比亚大学化学系:Ronald Breslow教授领导的研究小组


     Ronald Breslow

     The major effort of the group are trying to prepare artificial enzymes that can imitate the function of natural enzymes. Students typically design a potential catalyst on the computer, synthesize it, then determine its catalytic effectiveness and the mechanism involved. One of the most interesting recent successes is the preparation of such enzyme mimics that carry out selective oxidations of bound substrates with geometric control of the position attacked.

A related study involves the synthesis of mimics of antibodies or of biological receptor sites, constructing molecules that will bind to polypeptides with sequence selectivity in water, using mainly hydrophobic interactions. These could be very useful in modulating the activity of peptide hormones, for instance.

They have had a long-standing program to develop novel compounds that can induce cells to differentiate. These have important potential in cancer treatment, and are now in human trials.

Their earliest work have been to have extended the range of aromatic compounds, and synthesized other compounds that they showed to be antiaromatic. They are still pursuing studies on antiaromatic compounds, particularly those with triplet ground states that have potential applications in materials science.

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