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NetSci科学中心:化学信息学 (药物设计结构数据库文章精选)


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     On the web, Network Science Corporation gives a collection of selected articles, most of which are related to 3D Database Searching in Drug Discovery

The articles' titles are as following:
Formula for Determining the "Goodness of Hit Lists" in 3D Database Searches
The Generation and Use of Large 3D Databases in Drug Discovery
3D Database Searching in Drug Discovery
Structure-Based Design and Two Aspartic Proteases
3D Pharmacophoric Searching
A Note on the Sense and Nonsense of Searching 3-D Databases for Pharmaceutical Leads
Searching Databases of Three-Dimensional (3D) Structures with Receptor-Based Queriesthe Editors.
User Interfaces
Affinity Fingerprints: Applications and Implications
Daylight CGI interface (DCGI)


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Network Science Corporation

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FAX 843-886-5924

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