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Chem Sources vs. CHEMCATS

Date: 11 Apr 2001

Hello! One of our bibliographers has been thinking about online access to
Chem Sources, and it occurred to me to wonder whether CAS's CHEMCATS via
SciFinder Scholar is an adequate substitute. Before I investigate further,
has anyone else already looked into this? I would appreciate any opinions
if so.

Thank you very much for your time!

Ann C. Eastham

University of Minnesota
Science & Engineering Library
60 Norris Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: 612-624-9399
Fax: 612-624-4312
From: Robert Michaelson
Date: 11 Apr 2001

We've had at least one graduate student claim that he found something
available using ChemSources but not through S.F.S. CHEMCATS. I don't know
what he was looking for and I didn't check his results, but it seems
plausible that at least some of the time that will happen. (Note that the
web version of Chem Sources includes Chem Sources International). I don't
know if anyone has done a comparative study!

Bob Michaelson
Northwestern University Library
From: Jayashri Nagaraja
Date: 12 Apr 2001

We have been using Chem Sources at Columbia and the chief complaint is
that you can not search by structure. I have been asked to subscribe to
ACD on Chemweb, which apparently has this capability & is also more
expensive ($4500 more). Does anybody use ACD?

From: Ken Rouse (University of Wisconsin - GLS)
Date: 12 Apr 2001

We have been using ACD for a year of two as part of the suite of
databases MDL is offering to academic customers via their Mentor
program. See:

It's an excellent product, but I can well imagine that the price is a
stumbling block given all the other demands on library budgets.
Wisconsin is hosting the databases (as we do Crossfire), the
compensation being free local access. I haven't done a formal
comparison, but my sense is that CAS's Chem Cats is complementory, i.e.,
you are apt to find compounds in one that are missed in the other.

Kendall Rouse, Head, Chemistry Library
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1101 University Ave.
Madison WI 53706

Telephone: 608-2622942 FAX: 608-2629002 Email:
Date: 23 Apr 2001

I just did a comparison of the 2 and here's what I found:
Acc'd to CAS Helpdesk, ChemCats is a collection of 665 catalogs containing
580 suppliers.
Chem Sources Intl:
> Chem Sources - International includes the products
> of more than 8,000 chemical firms spanning 135 countries. The Chemical
> Section lists approximately 250,000 chemical compounds and the Trade Name
> and Classified Sections list some 25,000 Chemical Trade Names. The Company
> Directory gives all pertinent contact data necessary for making direct
> inquiries to each chemical firm. We believe you will find Chem Sources -
> International a valuable resource when competitively purchasing chemicals
> within the global market.
The Chem Sources Rep (Mark Thornton) told me structures will be included
next release in January 2002. Cost for a single user is $950 per year
unlimited online usage. We had spent a fair sum on ChemCats with mixed
results so for us it was an easy choice. We selected Chem Sources
International and have been satisfied with the results. Hope that helps,

Betsy Vogel
Technical Center Library
Rayovac Corporation
601 Rayovac Drive
Madison, WI 53711-2497
ph. 608.275.4714
fx. 608.288.4714
Date: 23 Apr 2001

For those who have been following this discussion, some additional information about CHEMCATS may
be of interest.

CHEMCATS contains over 1,531,049 records representing over 1,866,126 products (various purities,
concentrations, etc.) and at least 1,302,411 of them are unique substances having CAS Registry
Numbers (CAS numbers). CHEMCATS contains pricing information when it is available from suppliers
and for many there are also direct hyperlinks to the suppliers sites so you can get information
directly from them. Unlike reference books or CD-ROMS, CHEMCATS is routinely updated with new
information provided by suppliers already in the database and with new suppliers and/or catalogs
(just since the beginning of 2001, over 40 new catalogs have been added to CHEMCATS). Another
advantage is that there is no up front fee to use it. It is pay as you go and can be accessed
through STN Easy on the web or on STN.

I hope this is useful for those doing comparison shopping.

Eric Shively
From: Dan Robinhold
Date: 24 Apr 2001

One option that should be mentioned is www.ChemACX.Com, the Available
Chemicals eXchange from CambridgeSoft, the Chemfinder.Com people.

Limited access is available online and is free and structure-searchable with
the ChemDraw plugin. The ACX database is also bundled in the ChemInfo CDs
that are included with the purchase of the ChemOffice Ultra software,
(desktop and enterprise/webserver versions). The commercial price for the
software package looks to be lower than other options below and .edu prices
are lower still.


Dan Robinhold
CambridgeSoft Corp.
100 CambridgePark Drive
Cambridge, MA 02140
tel. 617 588 9131
fax. 617 588 9190

  Chemical Abstracts Service (美国化学文摘社CAS)
  Chem Sources (化学品目录、价格)

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