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地球化学的地球参考模型 (地球的化学特征)


     The Geochemical Earth Reference Model (GERM) initiative has the goal of establishing a community consensus on a chemical characterization of the Earth. The third GERM Workshop was held in La Jolla, CA, USA to promote such a consensus and to aid in the establishment of a GERM reference model. Note that the Abstract Volume and the Keynote Summaries for this workshop are now available online. Also available are a new proposal on Geological Rock Archival by Goldstein & Melson and the Workshop Summary by Bebout et al. as published in the Geochemical News. March 06-09, 2001.

All geochemical data related to the Geochemical Earth Reference Model (GERM) are now transferred into an Oracle 8.0.5 relational Online Database. This ensures high interactivity through various search options. Geochemical data therefore can be viewed in different ways.Geochemical data therefore can be viewed in different ways. For example, the GERM Reservoir Database can be searched based on Reservoir, Element, Reference and Availability of data.

Modeling Tools and specialized software utilities can be of great aid to Earth scientists. Not only will the software be available for downloading but online help files will be available as well to make using these software packages more easy.


Anthony Koppers for . . .
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0225, USA

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