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PotashCorp (氮磷钾肥料生产商)


     PotashCorp is the world's largest integrated producer of those three essential nutrients(N、P、K). They are a publicly traded Canadian corporation with all of their 51.9 million shares (December 31, 2001) listed and traded on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges (symbol POT). Shares are widely held and have been publicly traded since 1989.

As a three-nutrient company, PotashCorp is now the world’s largest producer of fertilizer products, serving global agriculture. With the most animal feed production capacity in the world, it supplies feed ingredients that help animals grow. PotashCorp is also a major industrial supplier as the world’s largest producer of industrial nitrogen products and one of only three North American industrial phosphate producers.

PotashCorp’s goal is to remain a low-cost supplier of potash and phosphate to global customers and of nitrogen domestically. It is reinforcing and strengthening this goal with a long-term business strategy of focusing on the acquisition of quality assets that will build on its strengths, complement it logistically and add strategic value.

PotashCorp currently has six potash operations in Canada and one potassium nitrate plant in Chile; six phosphate operations in the United States and one in Brazil; and four nitrogen plants in the United States and a large complex in Trinidad.

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