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3D分子图形显示工具 (RasMol and OpenRasMol)


【作者】 RasMol was originally created by Roger Sayle in 1992

【收费情况】  免费

【用途】 RasMol is a program for molecular graphics visualisation originally developed by Roger Sayle. This site is provided for the convenience of users of RasMol and and software developers of open source versions of RasMol.

This site was established in mid-September 2000 to provide a home for developers of Open Source versions of RasMol. In May 2002, it also became a home page for users of RasMol. RasMol is an important scientific tool for visualisation of molecules created by Roger Sayle in 1992. RasMol is used by hundreds of thousands of users world-wide to view macromolecules and to prepare publication-quality images.

There has always been free access to the source of the main line of RasMol development. With the creation of the RasMol 2.7 series of releases starting in 1999, RasMol formally became an open source program.


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RasMol 2.7 Series History

     The RasMol 2 series began with the release of RasMol 2.1 in 1993 by Roger Sayle. In 1995 and 1995, Marco Molinaro modified Roger Sayle's RasMol versions 2.5 and 2.6 to create 2.5-ucb and 2.6-ucb. In late 1996, Roger Sayle release 2.6b2 which proved to be very popular and durable. Arne Mueller worked with Roger Sayle in 1998 and created a modified version of 2.6b2 called 2.6x1, which was recently used as a base for a version called 2.6ab2 by Andreas Bohne. In late 1998, Herbert Bernstein (the author of this review) modified 2.6b2 to create the 2.6 CIF series. At the same time Roger Sayle was completing his own update to 2.6b2 called 2.6.4. In early 1999, Roger Sayle, Arne Mueller and Herbert Bernstein agreed to work together on a new, common, open source version of RasMol, the 2.7 series, which is managed and released by Herbert Bernstein. As of this writing, versions 2.6.4, 2.6_CIF and 2.6x1 have all been integrated into the 2.7 series, and agreement has been reached with Marco Molinaro and Andreas Bohne on integration of their modifications into the main line of development. A preliminary release incorporating some of the 2.5-ucb and 2.6-ucb mods was released in August 2000, as RasMol 2.7.2.

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