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NetSci科学中心:计算化学 (定量结构活性关系研究QSAR文章精选集)


     On the web, Network Science Corporation gives a collection of selected articles, most of which are related to Chemistry Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships, QSAR

The articles' titles are as following:
Molecular Modeling and the Design of Dopamine D2 Partial Agonists
QuaSAR-Binary: A New Method for the Analysis of High Throughput Screening Data
QSAR Challenges and Opportunities: A Commentary
An Introduction to QSAR and Drug Design
An Introduction to QSAR Methodology
Interpretative Neural Networks for QSAR
A New QSAR Algorithm Combining Principal Component Analysis with a Neural Network: Application to Calcium Channel Antagonists
Using Theoretical Descriptors in Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships and Linear Free Energy Relationships
Adding Chemical Information to CoMFA Models with Alternative 3D QSAR FieldsCoMFA: A Field of Dreams?
APEX-3D Expert System for Drug Design
Mergers and Alliances Within Computational Chemistry
A Brief History of Computational Chemistry
An Introduction to Molecular Modeling
Real-Time Mechanics in Molecular Modeling Mark Surles, Interactive Simulations
When There is No Receptor Crystal Structure: Building Useful Models of Receptor Sites
MCSS and Hook, Molecular Simulations Incorporated
Computer-Aided Chemistry Speeds Research, A Laboratory Note
Molecular Surfaces
The Scientific and Artistic Uses of Molecular Surfaces
Molecular Modeling and Simulation of Surfaces


Allen Richon and Merry Ambos
Network Science Corporation

Telephone 843-886-5008
FAX 843-886-5924

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