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Aldrich Spectral Viewer (FT-IR、FT-NMR谱图库光盘)


     Sigma-Aldrich Co.

     The Aldrich Spectral Viewer is an electronic reference book on CD-ROM that contains thousands of actual spectra from the Aldrich spectral libraries.
This program is more powerful than a printed book, allowing text and data field searching and the manipulation, printing, and exporting of spectra.

Currently, one FT-IR library (over 11,000 compounds) and two FT-NMR libraries (over 15,000 compounds) are offered. The libraries can be used individually or can be combined. A single user interface handles both IR and NMR spectra, simplifying the use of the software. In addition, the Spectral Viewer is expandable so that when new spectral libraries are released, they can be easily added to the software.

     Minimum system requirements for FT-IR library

Pentium 200MHz, Windows 95 / 98 / NT4-SP5 / 2000 / ME / XP, CD-ROM drive, 300MB hard disk space, 64MB RAM

Minimum system requirements for FT-NMR libraries

Pentium. 200MHz, Windows. 95/98/ME/NT4-SP5/2000, CD-ROM drive, 600MB hard disk space, 64MB RAM

  Aldrich CD及其他的谱图数据库比较

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