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运动中的分子 :会动的分子图库


     Conventional chemistry texts almost invariably present the subject on the printed page, in conventional bound serial form. More than ever before, chemistry and molecular biology are about the three dimensional structure of molecules and how this influences their properties. Such a 3-dimensional subject that has been notoriously difficult to convey to the reader using the medium of paper, and has often given the impression of a jargon-ridden "difficult" subject.

In this project authors have set themselves several objectives which they hope will animate the moleculars and present molecules in a new and fascinating manner.

They have created stories centered around about 150 molecules, sub-divided into eight classes of system, and with each story hyperlinked to relevant regions of the molecule. The selection is designed to demonstrate a range of molecules that are directly relevant to the experience of people by telling stories of the history and discovery of the molecules, and how they used in the everyday world.


Henry Rzepa, Wyn Locke (Imperial College/BT funded VChemlib Project)
Karl Harrison (Oxford University/Chemistry Information Centre)
Paul May (Bristol University/MOTM Project)

Summary by 何莉 on 2004-02-11

Last updated by 何莉 on 2004-02-11

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