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     Distinguished Women of the Past and Present - Chemistry
This text only, one-page site lists about 19 women in the history of chemistry, as well as present female luminaries in the subject. Most of the entries have several links to other Web sites describing their biographies and work.

Born Before 20th Century:
1.Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards, 1842-1911 (U.S.A.)
2.Maria Sklodowska Curie, 1867-1934 (Poland, France)
3.Emma Perry Carr, 1880-1972 (U.S.A.: OH, MA)
4.Mary Letitia Caldwell, 1890-1972 (U.S.A.: OH, NY)
5.Gerty Cori, 1896-1957 (Czech, U.S.A.: MO)
6.Ida Tacke Noddack, 1896- (Germany).
7.Irene Joliot-Curie, 1897-1956 (France)

Born 20th Century:
8.Ruth Mary Rogan Benerito (U.S.A.: LA)
9.Erika Cremer (Germany, Austria)
10.Marie Maynard Daly (U.S.A.: NY)
11.Gertrude Belle Elion (U.S.A.)
12.Mary Fieser (U.S.A.)
13.Edith M. Flanigen (U.S.A.)
14.Rosalind Elsie Franklin (Great Britain)
15.Barbara Grant (U.S.A.)
16.Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (Great Britain)
17.Reatha Clark King (U.S.A.: GA, MN)
18.Stephanie Kwolek (U.S.A.)
19.Shannon W. Lucid (U.S.A.)

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