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欧洲大宗化学品安全与对环境影响评价数据库IUCLID CD-ROM 2000


     European Commission - European Chemicals Bureau

     The IUCLID CD-ROM is the tool to make the data collected under the regulation available to all interested parties.
The IUCLID CD-ROM was published for the first time in 1996, covering 1408 substances which have been submitted in Phase I of the data collection.
The new version contains the original industry data for 2604 EU high production volume chemicals, plus background documents and completed risk assessment reports.

The IUCLID CD-ROM runs under Windows '95/'98/'2000 and NT and gives access to the documents and data sets as so-called PDF documents.

The site gives access to

Example of a data set from the IUCLID CD-ROM (Edition 1 - 1996)
List of the 1 408 substances from the IUCLID CD-ROM (Edition 1 - 1996)
List of the 2 604 substances from the IUCLID CD-ROM (Edition 2 - 2000)

     An enhanced query interface allows to find data sets not only via substance identifiers such as CAS or EINECS numbers or chemical name, but also via the involved companies or the given R-phrases.
It contains legislative information such as the Existing Substances Regulation, the Risk Assessment Regulation, the Priority Lists and the English version of EINECS.

     The IUCLID CD-ROM 2000 can be ordered (for a price of 150 euros) from the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, L-2985 Luxembourg, through 80 sales agents worldwide. The references to catalog number are LB-NA-19-559-EN-Z or ISBN 92-828-8647-7.

  欧洲化学品管理局European Chemicals Bureau (ECB)
  欧洲目前市场流通的化学品目录EINECS-Plus (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances)

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