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ChemAxon欧洲2014用户会印象 - market leader


     Reported by Wendy War.

ChemAxon was probably the market leader in mainstream chemical structure handling in 2013; It now nearly reached the time when the word “probably” can be removed from that statement. Although there are companies that can compete with parts of the ChemAxon portfolio, and some of them perhaps perform better in a certain niche, there is no single company that offers the same breadth of solutions or equal value for money.

ChemAxon is still small enough to turn around fast in response to changes in user demand, yet it is now large enough to command credibility and promise long-term sustainability and financial stability. I have previously mentioned the dangers of undertaking a project as ambitious as that of Plexus, but ChemAxon is responding to new competitive forces and knows that users now want not just a tool kit but off-the-shelf software, and solutions aimed at the benchtop end-user.

Partnership has been a very successful play and the ChemAxon consultancy group has paid dividends. Cloud computing and hosting are big news now and ChemAxon has not failed to notice.

  基于Java的化学信息处理工具ChemAxon (Marvin Applets and Marvin JavaBeans, JChem and JKlustor)
  基于Java的化学信息处理工具ChemAxon (Marvin, JChem and more)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2014-07-09

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2014-07-09

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