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课程材料:化学与艺术(Paul H. Mueller讲授)


     The web gives some tutorial materials of chemistry and art, taught by Professor Paul H. Mueller from Chemistry Department at Hampden-Sydney College. The theme for this introductory chemistry course for non-science majors is the intersection of chemistry with the visual arts. The course introduces some of the basic principles of chemistry and applications of those principles as the students try to understand the physical nature of paper, paints, pigments, printing, pottery. and photography. To better enjoy and appreciate the applications which are discussed, course will involve in such projects as Pottery, Papermaking, Paints, Glazes, Pinhole Photography, Alternative-Process Photography, Toning, and Etching.


Professor Paul H. Mueller
Chemistry Department
Hampden-Sydney College
VA 23943


Summary by 何莉 on 2003-12-08

Last updated by 何莉 on 2003-12-08

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