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Science of Synthesis: Houben-Weyl Methods of Molecular Transformation


 Science of Synthesis will be based on the current Houben-Weyl series (4th edition): 6 to 7 volumes will be published each year at a price $1735 (US) per volume (subscription price $1565 US/volume). The last volumes of the current Huben-Weyl series (4th edition) will be published in the year 2000. These 2 volumes fall into CATEGORY 1: Organometallics - Vol. 3 (Groups 12 and 11 (Zn, Cd, Hg Cu, Ag, Au) and CATEGORY 2: Hetarenes and Related Ring Systems - Vol. 10 (Fused Five-membered Hetarenes with one Heteroatom)...

     Houben-Weyl has long been regarded as an essential tool in synthetic organic chemistry. Continuing the traditions of quality and comprehensiveness on which Houben-Weyl was founded, a new 5th edition, entirely in the English language, is in production. This new edition is entitled Science of Synthesis Houben-Weyl Methods of Molecular Transformation, and will be available in electronic and print formats.

In recognition of the tremendous pressures of information management that challenge modern researchers, an Editorial Board of world-renowned chemists has developed a critical and focussed reference work in a highly structured, accessible format.

By providing a clear and systematic synthesis series, Science of Synthesis will be an essential first point of reference before embarking on further searches, providing a route through the mass of information available in the primary literature. Science of Synthesis will contain synthetic methods selected by experts, giving full experimental procedures and background information.

Complete Volume List

1 Vol 1 - 8 Organometallics 5520 pages
2 Vol 9 - 17 Hetarenes 6000 pages
3 Vol 18 - 24 Four and Three Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds 5220 pages
4 Vol 25 - 33 Two Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds 6000 pages
5 Vol 34 - 42 One Carbon-Heteroatom Bond 7560 pages
6 Vol 43 - 48 All-Carbon Functions 4200 pages

Science of Synthesis will be published in a total number of 48 volumes, which will contain approximately 35000 pages. Volumes 18 to 48 will be published between the years 2003 and 2007. It is estimated that Science of Synthesis will contain 5000 methods, 10000 variations, 15000 reaction schemes and 15000 tables. Science of Synthesis will cover ca. 150000 reactions.

     Science of Synthesis is an XML based system allowing both internet and intranet solutions, it will have a fully functional search engine allowing text, structure, sub-structure and reaction searching. As we consider the search engine as an integral part of the database, it will be included in the final product and not as an add-on.

The current Houben-Weyl series will finish early 2001. The first volumes of Science of Synthesis will be published Fall 2000 - so there will be a small overlap between the two editions. The first volume of Science of Synthesis will be published September 2000 (CATEGORY 2: Hetarenes and Related Ring Systems - Vol. 10 (Fused Five-membered Hetarenes with one Heteroatom))...

prices for the print version will be in line with current Houben-Weyl prices.Current Houben-Weyl subscriptions will be automatically converted to Science of Synthesis and any new orders should be placed with either your bookseller or direct to Thieme.

The electronic version will be available early next year and prices are
being finalised - if you require specific information relating to prices -
please email me at

Ms Deepti Chotai
Sales & Marketing Manager
Science of Synthesis
Georg Thieme Verlag
Rigerstra 14
D-70469 Stuttgart
Tel: +49 711 8931784
Fax: +49 711 8931777

  Scottish Plastics and Rubber Association (苏格兰塑料与橡胶协会SPRA)
  Science of Synthesis and Houben-Weyl (Houben-Weyl有机合成手册系列及其数据库评述)

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