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英国谢菲尔德大学化学信息学课题组获2012 UKeiG Jason Farradane奖


     The 2012 UKeiG Jason Farradane Award has been awarded to the Chemoinformatics Research Group in the Information School, University of Sheffield. The Chemoinformatics Research Group has been one of the leading centres worldwide for chemoinformatics research for over forty years, and has been noted as providing "the most widely recognized and well-established research and teaching base in the field." The Group has demonstrated over many years the contributions that can be made by those with a specifically information perspective that complements more obviously chemical and biological studies.

The Award is made in recognition of the Group's work in raising the profile of the information profession within a field of endeavour in a way which has become an exemplar to others; demonstrating excellence in education and training; and for their major contribution to the theory and practice of information science. An important part of the Group's educational activities has been the training of students who have subsequently gone on to join the chemoinformatics workforce, with some of them now in senior positions. The nomination notes that the Group's first publication dates from 1967 and it has made very significant contributions to the theory and practice of chemoinformatics over a period of more than four decades, by means of both its published research and its extensive collaborations with pharmaceutical, agrochemical and software companies. Their work spans search algorithms and data structures; 3D and patent (or Markush) searching; ligand docking and pharmacophore mapping; and the detailed comparison of different tools for some chemoinformatics application to enable the identification of the most effective and/or efficient approach.

The judges had no hesitation in awarding the three current members of the research group - Val Gillet, John Holliday and Peter Willett - the 2012 UKeiG Jason Farradane Award.

The presentation will be made at Internet Librarian International 2012 at the Olympia Conference Centre on Wednesday 31st October.

FYI: The UKeiG Jason Farradane Award is an international award open to all and given in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the information profession.

  Peter Murray-Rust和Henry Rzepa共享美国化学会2012化学信息奖

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