ChIN简介页:ChemSpider的Antony Williams获微软2012 Jim Gray eScience奖
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ChemSpider的Antony Williams获微软2012 Jim Gray eScience奖


     Dr Antony Williams, VP for Strategic Development and Head of the Cheminformatics group for the Royal Society of Chemistry has been honoured by Microsoft Research for his outstanding contribution to the field of data-intensive computing, especially for his work on the ChemSpider platform.

Williams received the 2012 Jim Gray eScience Award at a banquet marking the end of this year's Microsoft eScience Workshop in Chicago, Illinois, USA on Tuesday 9 October.

The award - named after Jim Gray, a Technical Fellow for Microsoft Research and a Turing Award winner - recognises innovators whose work makes science easier for scientists.

ChemSpider is a freely available chemical structure database that provides fast text and structure search access to data and links for over 28 million chemicals, from hundreds of data sources. Data on the ChemSpider platform can be deposited, annotated and curated by the chemical sciences community and it is one of the richest sources of integrated chemistry information available online.

  ChemSpider (检索1000万个化合物的结构)
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