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美国环保署EPA的物质登记数据库SRS (原为Chemical Registry System, CRS)


     The Substance Registry System (SRS) is the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) central system for information about regulated and monitored substances. The system provides a common basis for identification of chemicals, biological organisms, and other substances listed in EPA regulations and data systems, as well as substances of interest from other sources, such as publications. The SRS supports and conforms to EPA's Chemical Identification Data Standard and the EPA's Biological Identification Data Standard. The SRS is a part of the centralized Systems of Registries (SoR), which provides access to the Agency's core registry systems.

The SRS contains substance identification information and listings of substances in regulations and Agency programs. Using the SRS Search, you can search for substances by common identifiers such as Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CASRN) and name (systematic or scientific). Each substance is linked to regulations in which it is referenced and program systems where it has been reported. Searches can also be done by specific regulation or program system.

Number of substances currently in the SRS: 87707
Number of submitting organizations represented in the SRS: 37
Number of information resources included in the SRS: 965

  ChemIDplus (化合物别名、结构式字典库)
  从ChemWeb检索有机药物用途及别名库Negwer: organic-chemical drugs and their synonyms
  化合物别名库(Chemical Synonyms database)
  BioByte (ClogP is now Bio-Loom)
  Dictionary of Chemical Names and Synonyms (化合物名称和别名字典)

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