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PoLyInfo (高分子材料设计所需的各种数据)



     Masayoshi Yamazaki
Materials Database Group(MDG)
Materials Information Technology Station(MITS)
National Institute for Materials Science
Tsukuba, Japan

     PoLyInfo provides a wide variety of data required in polymeric material design. Chemical structures of polymers, various names including IUPAC based name, properties of each sample with measurement conditions and processing method and so on are stored in the database. Monomers and polymerization information related to each polymer are also included in PoLyInfo.

The number of released data contained by PoLyInfo is as follows as on 17 June, 2003.
Constitutional units : 7701
Monomers : 6552(+2113)
Data points : 82313(+37753)
References : 6848(+2656)

     Besides the Basic and Advanced research, PoLyInfo supports Easy brows search by Property table, Popular polymer, Plotted data and Structure search search By parts and substructure Structure.

As a part of the system of "Advanced Databases", PoLyInfo has been prepared by National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), which was developed by Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) since 1995. In 2001, PoLyInfo, together with almost other databasesdatabases within the system, was transfered to the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) on April 1, 2003 supported by the Japanese government policy.

  日本国立材料科学研究所 (NIMS)

Summary by 刘勇 on 2003-11-27

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