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Facts & Figures For The Chemical Industry (2003, 世界化学工业主要统计)


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【来源杂志或书籍】  Chemical & Engineering News

【卷(期):页】  Volume 81, Number 27, pp. 25-66

【出版日期】  July 7, 2003

     If the chemical industry were a movie, last year could be titled "2001—Part 2." Many of the problems that beset the industry around the world in the prior year just continued: lackluster demand; rising costs that were only partly offset by moderately higher selling prices; and for many of the countries surveyed, including now the U.S., a widening chemical trade deficit.

Despite the economic malaise, chemical company earnings around the world increased. But the increase came largely because of cost cutting by the firms. And a big part of the cost cutting involved reducing employment, often at an even greater rate than in 2001.

The data in this year's Facts & Figures for the Chemical Industry show, in great detail, the economic conditions around the world in what is hoped to be the last year of general downturn before a recovery sets in.

And this edition of the annual wrap-up of the chemical industry has greater detail than ever before. For instance, almost all tables show 11 years of data to present decade-long trends. But more important, to reflect the international nature of the chemical industry and to increase comparability between countries, all data have been reorganized into just four sections--Finance, Production, Employment, and Trade—with each containing the relevant data for the major chemical-producing nations of the world.

Two other significant changes were made for the sake of comparability: All volume units are given in metric tons or, when necessary, cubic meters. In addition, all production, employment, and price indexes use a base year of 1997 for comparison.

The collection of all of the statistics from around the world that make up Facts & Figures has been the work of Assistant Managing Editor Michael McCoy, Senior Correspondent Marc Reisch, and Associate Editor Alexander H. Tullo (all three in C&EN's Northeast News Bureau); Senior Correspondent Patricia L. Short (London); Houston Bureau Head Ann M. Thayer; and Asia-Pacific Bureau Head Jean-Fran?ois Tremblay. The effort was coordinated by Senior Correspondent William J. Storck (Northeast News Bureau).

Assistant Managing Editor Robin M. Giroux was instrumental in the organization of the data, and Art Director Robin L. Braverman made it work graphically.


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